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IATA Travel Pass Article

IATA Travel Pass: how does it work?

The IATA Travel Pass may have helped you travel this summer of 2021. Find out in this article how to get the IATA Travel Pass and how it works.

But first, what is the IATA Travel Pass? 

Health pass end of lockdown travel information

Health pass and end of lockdown: key information

Since our article on the health pass and all the key information on it was posted, it went into effect on June 9, 2021 in France to proceed with decontamination.
What’s new since the sanitary pass came into effect?

After Covid-19: The 6 changes in business travel

After Covid-19: The 6 changes in business travel

Now that we know that coronavirus has brought definitive changes in business travel and more generally in the organization of companies. Given that the Covid-19 problem is solved tomorrow, what would these changes be?

The prerogatives of entry into Asia Ayruu Infographics

The prerogatives of entry into Asia

Find the key information to enter the 6 main business travel destinations of Asia during covid-19: Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, China and South Korea.

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