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CTO jobs face to coronavirus
CTO after coronavirus

A CTO is the one behind choosing and developing digital solutions for his companies. His choices are not a simple task to do in his spare time. In fact, deciding which technology goes with the company’s goals should be well thought. Moreover, CTOs have to ensure the ROI of the current digital tools used by the company. They also should analyze its digital situation to propose different solutions for the future. 


To understand more what goes inside the mind of a CTO, a research proved the following common characteristics: 


1. Digital Transformation

We can see that many companies relied on the skills of their CTO to adapt to this crisis. They managed to prove their agility and adaptability during this situation… One of the CTO’s roles during lockdown, consisted of ensuring the continuity of the work from home. 

Video conferences tools:


First, they have to choose the right platforms for video conferences such as Zoom, Meet, and Skype. You may think that it is a simple task to do. But remember that a CTO has to keep in mind the phenomena of cybersecurity. Any leak of information or cybersecurity attack that comes from the app or the software is in his responsibility. 

Added to this, in small companies or startups, gathering the staff together in an online meeting is not that complicated. However, in larger companies, the CTO has to make sure that the software used is one of the bests in the market. If an important meeting goes wrong; Employees find difficulty connecting, the tool is complicated to use, lack of functionalities in the tool…etc, this may decrease the productivity and the workflow of the employees.


Business Travel tools

The same applies to the field of professional travel. Indeed, in a concern for data protection, employee independence, and new technologies increasingly developed thanks to artificial intelligence, the need to put in place tools to facilitate the globalization of travel services, to be able to consolidate data and optimize a route becomes necessary. Always respecting the travel policy of this organization. Ayruu is a mobile App that ensures all these features.


Adapting to exceptional circumstances such as this sanitary crisis should allow the CTO to make necessary decisions in terms of security, costs, and efficiency in this expense item

CTO role and responsabilities

Human Resources Tools

Added to video conference tools, CTOs are asked to readjust the digital solutions used for the Human Resources department. As we have seen previously, managing a large group of people virtually, is not that easy. HR department role has changed during the lockdown too. For this reason, CTO finds itself looking for a technological solution to propose to the HR sector. Tools that are able to keep the productivity of the employees and ensure good communication even from home.

2. Cyber Security

Cyber attacks are a common problem these days. As a result, CTOs have to think quickly for a solution to prevent such issues in their companies. We can’t deny that due to lockdown, working from different points and different personal internet connections, can be dangerous for the company. The IT department has to find solutions to keep their companies’ information safe during this period. 


In this same context, the IT department had to find a balance between the internal tools and apps used and the external ones, so they can ensure the control and security of each tool.

3. Hiring talents

A CTO needs qualified developers in his team. Good developers are indeed easy to find, especially with the rise of technology. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, many digital projects were canceled, and companies started to fire developers. In this context, CTOs have to decide which developer to keep and which one to let go. What matters a lot here, is choosing carefully the members who can adjust and adapt to the new risks. 


Covid-19 has presented many challenges to the chief technology officers. It is an opportunity for them to prove their strategic role inside companies.

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