How can a business traveler’s phone become an app graveyard?

Business traveler's phone become an app graveyard

Do you know that in 2019, 79,8% is the percentage of penetration of smartphones among French users? Business travelers need to use travel applications to manage their trips. They prefer being free to manage their business trips on their own than letting an agency doing it for them.

After each trip, professional travelers use multiple apps ranging from managing their travel, agency, local app, hotel, etc. Mobile phone, therefore, becomes a graveyard of travel applications that travelers will ultimately have no use for or will have forgotten in the long run.

Accordingly, having a single app that centralizes the whole universe of travel management like our app Ayruu, is, for sure, the wish of every traveler.

1. Disadvantages of using multiple travel apps

In this infographic, we summarized for you the inconveniences of choosing to work with different travel management apps:

travel mobile apps

2. What factors are travelers looking for in travel apps?

After understanding the cons of this phenomenon, let’s see how travel management apps should be developed for better user experience. We can’t deny that we keep downloading many useless apps on our phone, which makes them a graveyard of apps. 

According to research done by Statista, when downloading an app, different factors influence the decision making of travel apps users. these factors are presented in the following:

Confidentiality and data security

Users, in general, would prefer apps that ensure good security of their information. As for businesses, they treat a considerable amount of data daily. Providing them with a single app that is developed and secured efficiently can guarantee their satisfaction and, eventually their loyalty.


Business travelers and their company nowadays, look for the best application in the market, where they can find all the needed information about their trips. For that, they can’t trust an app that is poorly rated on the internet and the app stores.

Good communication

0% of travelers look for videos that explain the app features. It is necessary to provide potential customers with the needed information to use the app. Do you want to see explainer videos about Ayruu travel app? Click here

Number of users

The number of users is as significant as the evaluation rate of the application. Business travelers, and companies in the field of business travel, can evaluate an app from its number of users. That is why working on an app that attracts users easily is a major element for the success of any mobile app. We do often trust the different reviews and comments of the app’s previous users.

Storage capacity

Having multiple apps means running out of storage and, as a result, running out of battery. The mobile phone of business travelers is an essential tool for his trips because, as we all know, in an era of globalization and the opening of borders (a little less today), this tool has become our best friend. They continuously need to check their appointments, look for transportation, contact their company, call their clients… and many other tasks. So, having a phone that is full of apps and lacks storage can make the device heavy to load. 

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