How using innovative solutions attracts the best employees

how to attract the best skills
attirer les jeunes talents par l'innovation

Don’t make the mistake of not bringing innovative solutions into your team. Here is how AI, innovation, and technology will help your business attract and engage qualified employees.

1. What is Digital Dexterity and why is it important?


Before adopting any new innovative solutions to attract the best employees, the concept of digital dexterity has to be well understood. In simple words, digital dexterity is the desire and ability of employees to embrace and exploit emerging technologies for better business outcomes. 

the rising of generation Y and Z, along with the progress we witness in technology, push companies to be up to date and use technological solutions that are able to help them achieve better business results.

For instance, business travelers are in a continuous need for technological solutions to manage their business trips. We hear a lot about solutions providing different offers and different travel-related providers to travelers. However, these offers are always limited to the solution’s partners. 


You can’t be offering your business travelers an efficient and innovative travel solution if this solution limits the choices of your employees. In this context, Ayruu has born. We embrace the latest technologies and we offer our clients an opportunity to be digitally disruptive


This is why implementing a digital workplace requires listening to your employees’ needs regarding technologies and innovations. In this context, digital literacy will help you build a more agile and motivated team. It will lead you to hire and attract people who are eager to exploit your innovative solutions.

2. Employees want to feel connected to their workplace

After understanding the importance of digital dexterity, you have to learn the value of a digital workplace. For example, an open workplace with a baby foot table in the corner, along with some perks for the employees, was enough to attract employees. In the digital age, however, technology and innovation are the milestones of a successful hiring process. The importance of being digitally connected and the satisfaction of employees go hand in hand.

As a start-up, Ayruu values employees’ needs and offers its clients the chance to make their staff experience the benefits of being connected to the company. You can discover the particularity of our mobile app by clicking here. Besides, we are using our Intelligence Artificial Assistant MyA, to make the user experience more efficient and more attractive for future users.

3. Don't make innovation an occasional event in your business

To attract motivated talents and create an innovation culture in your business, technology must be in the center of your communication. It should be in every aspect of your business. Here are some examples that will help you prove the importance of digitalization in your company and engage interested talents:

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