New sanitary restrictions with the 5th wave

New sanitary restrictions

new sanitary restrictions covid

With the new Omicron variant, new sanitary restrictions have emerged. Today, we will look at the regions where business travel is most frequent in Europe. The focus is on the UK and the European Union.

What are the new health restrictions for travel?

New sanitary restrictions for the UK

In recent days, many countries have been applying new rules for entry. At the press conference on 27 November, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced the new rules. Indeed, in the face of the new “Omicron” variant, all travellers coming from the European Union must undergo a PCR test the second day after entering the United Kingdom. This started on 30 November 2021. While waiting for the results, they will have to isolate themselves. This means a certain cost in time and money: minimum £45 for the delivery of the results to the place of stay.

For the European Union

The European Commission has been clear. However, this is only a recommendation. In other words, the final decision is up to each country. Finally, the ECDC (European Agency for Disease Prevention) asks to avoid non-essential travel.

Secondly, the European Commission is considering potentially reducing the validity of the European Health Passport. In this sense, the validity of the health pass for vaccinated persons would be reduced from 12 to 9 months.

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