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Horizon workrooms: Facebook changes for the metaverse

Horizon Workrooms is a free beta version and comes from the already launched Facebook virtual world, Horizon Worlds: a social world in virtual reality.

What is the metaverse? And how does Facebook’s Horizon Workrooms work? Find all your answers here.

Business travel: gradual comeback

Business travel: gradual comeback but real

The crisis of the covid-19 has affected everyone and even more so the business travel sector, which is making a gradual comeback. Indeed, business travel is a very penalized sector. However, the business travel industry has seen a gradual but real comeback since the beginning of the school year.

What are the indicators that the recovery of business travel is concrete? 

Smart City Carbon footprint business trip Ayruu

Smart City & carbon footprint: greener business travel

You may have heard of the term smart city and its effect on our carbon footprint. Indeed, more and more cities are putting new technologies at the centre of their priorities.

What are smart cities? How are smart cities link to carbon footprint and quality of life of business travel?

reopen borders usa business travel

Business trip to US: borders reopened

Business trip to US will finally be able to resume in early November 2021. The reopening of the borders in the United States will undoubtedly lead to a recovery in global tourism, according to the president of Entreprises du voyage, and therefore also to a recovery in business travel. The lifting of restrictions concerns people vaccinated against Covid-19. I

Is this a new hope for the resumption of business travel?

IATA Travel Pass Article

IATA Travel Pass: how does it work?

The IATA Travel Pass may have helped you travel this summer of 2021. Find out in this article how to get the IATA Travel Pass and how it works.

But first, what is the IATA Travel Pass? 

Train SNCF Business Travel Ayruu

Opening of trains to competition on the move

The opening up of trains to competition will be underway from October 2021 in France. First, the Zefiro TGV from Thello, an Italian operator, will take its place alongside the SNCF for trips between Paris, Lyon and Milan. A turning point in French rail history.
Where does France stand with the opening of trains to competition?

business travel findings needs blog

What are the findings and needs of business travel?

Today, there are several findings in the business travel sector and its needs. First of all, the business traveler has evolved enormously over the last few years.
What are the findings? And how can you make your business trips easier to manage?

Business Travel Increase ROI with Ayruu

Business travel: Increase your ROI with an application

Increasing your Return On Investment (ROI) during a business trip has become possible since the awareness of the benefits that technological innovation brings to companies.
What is Return On Investment? And how to increase it if you travel for work?

Health pass end of lockdown travel information

Health pass and end of lockdown: key information

Since our article on the health pass and all the key information on it was posted, it went into effect on June 9, 2021 in France to proceed with decontamination.
What’s new since the sanitary pass came into effect?

Digital pollution challenge of tomorrow Co2

Digital pollution: the new challenge of tomorrow

Digital pollution is real: the Internet pollutes. Indeed, digital technology accounts for about 10% of the world’s electricity consumption (ADEME).
What digital impact do we have on the planet? And how can we reduce our digital pollution?

Management application for business travel

Management application for business travel

Multi-modal booking, itinerary and stopover management, real-time information: Ayruu provides small and medium-sized companies with an all-in-one platform to easily improve and manage the travel experience of their employees.

Telemedecine importance on business trips

Telemedecine importance on business trips

Thanks to telemedicine, it is possible to consult a doctor at any location with your computer or smartphone. Indeed, a teleconsultation works like a normal consultation with a doctor in his office. How does telemedecine work ?

Infographic Opening to competition of the railway transport Ayruu

Opening up rail transport to competition

Firstly, it must be said that the year 2021 is the year of rail transport: Europe is opening up rail transport to competition in full Open Access but also it is the “European Year of Rail” #EUYearofRail. Then what is the opening to competition and what are the next opportunities?

After Covid-19: The 6 changes in business travel

After Covid-19: The 6 changes in business travel

Now that we know that coronavirus has brought definitive changes in business travel and more generally in the organization of companies. Given that the Covid-19 problem is solved tomorrow, what would these changes be?

The prerogatives of entry into Asia Ayruu Infographics

The prerogatives of entry into Asia

Find the key information to enter the 6 main business travel destinations of Asia during covid-19: Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, China and South Korea.

The prerogatives of entry into Europe Ayruu Infographics United Kingdom Germany Belgium France

The prerogatives of entry into Europe

Find the key information to enter the 4 main business travel destinations of Europe during covid-19: United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and France.

what are aggregators

What are aggregators?

Aggregators are the secret behind reaching business goals with less costs and more organization. Relying

Genesis of Ayruu

Sandrine, a young French expat in the United States is a regular business travel. She has to travel between the east and west of the country. Each trip means new flight neighbor often pleasant and sometimes less…

Statistics about travlers'needs

What do your travelers think about your company travel tech?

Behind these figures lies a need to simplify the processes that business travellers face daily, especially when it comes to booking: 58% of business travellers believe that the technology implemented within their company does not meet their expectations.

How to tackle leakage in your company?

There is a cost for the companies of an average of $3000 per year and per traveler according to the GBTA studies. This can increase a company’s travel budget by an average of 10%, regardless of the impact on the negotiations with the suppliers or incur costs if the business traveler uses mainstream channels.