what are aggregators

What are aggregators?

Aggregators are the secret behind reaching business goals with less costs and more organization. Relying

Genesis of Ayruu

Sandrine, a young French expat in the United States is a regular business travel. She has to travel between the east and west of the country. Each trip means new flight neighbor often pleasant and sometimes less…

Statistics about travlers'needs

What do your travelers think about your company travel tech?

Behind these figures lies a need to simplify the processes that business travellers face daily, especially when it comes to booking: 58% of business travellers believe that the technology implemented within their company does not meet their expectations.

How to tackle leakage in your company?

There is a cost for the companies of an average of $3000 per year and per traveler according to the GBTA studies. This can increase a company’s travel budget by an average of 10%, regardless of the impact on the negotiations with the suppliers or incur costs if the business traveler uses mainstream channels.