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IATA Travel Pass Article

IATA Travel Pass: how does it work?

The IATA Travel Pass may have helped you travel this summer of 2021. Find out in this article how to get the IATA Travel Pass and how it works.

But first, what is the IATA Travel Pass? 

Business Travel Increase ROI with Ayruu

Business travel: Increase your ROI with an application

Increasing your Return On Investment (ROI) during a business trip has become possible since the awareness of the benefits that technological innovation brings to companies.
What is Return On Investment? And how to increase it if you travel for work?

Digital pollution challenge of tomorrow Co2

Digital pollution: the new challenge of tomorrow

Digital pollution is real: the Internet pollutes. Indeed, digital technology accounts for about 10% of the world’s electricity consumption (ADEME).
What digital impact do we have on the planet? And how can we reduce our digital pollution?

Management application for business travel

Management application for business travel

Multi-modal booking, itinerary and stopover management, real-time information: Ayruu provides small and medium-sized companies with an all-in-one platform to easily improve and manage the travel experience of their employees.

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