US borders reopened

US borders reopened
US borders reopened

US borders reopened : now, the United States is finally opening its borders to international travellers since 8 November. In theory, the travellers concerned are those with a complete vaccination scheme. According to the president of the Entreprise du voyage, the reopening of the US borders will allow international tourism to resume. In other words, it is also a recovery in business travel.

What are the prospects for business tourism since the reopening of the US borders?

Delta bookings soar as US borders reopen

Delta Air Lines sees its international bookings increase by 450% with the reopening of the US borders.

Indeed, many people have been waiting for the reopening of the borders for months. Since the announcement of the reopening of the United States on September 20, the airline has seen a 450% increase in international bookings compared to the six weeks prior to the announcement.

Is this a recovery in business travel?

Business travel to the USA possible

Since March 2020, international travel to the United States has been highly restricted. Now, in November 2021, these restrictions are lifted. Finally, US borders reopened. In this article you will find the conditions for entering the United States.

We can say that the reopening of the US border is a relief for the tourism sector. Especially since the US is one of the most important destinations for business travel. In 2020, New York was 2nd in the ranking of the best cities for business travel (Ceoworld). Then, in 2019, as a “normal year”: 79 million tourists went to the US.  In this sense, it is the third most visited country after France and Spain. 

With the increase in vaccinations, the reopening of borders, Travel Pass IATA,… Business travel is already gradually picking up. So can we expect the business travel sector to return to normal?


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