Advantages of using aggregators business model

aggregators business model
advantages of using aggregators

Aggregators’ business model is booming. Aggregating data and services is the way that helps companies be more organized, reduce costs, and optimize the user experience. So what does aggregate means? and what are the advantages of using aggregators?

Advantages of Data aggregation

No matter the field of your business, you should be having a good amount of data to deal with each day. For instance, information about your employees, your clients, your product users, your partners, and your competitors.

Faster and more efficient data analysis

The importance of data analysis nowadays is undeniable. To exploit data properly, you have to reduce the number of tools and apps used internally and externally in your company. In this way, you will be able to analyze statistical data in an aggregated way.

Giving the example of Ayruu, through our mobile app all the business travel reservations are centralized in one app. Consequently, all the company’s data are consolidated in one place. Travel managers, as a result, will be able to see all the statistics related to travel management. Such as employees’ preferences and travel frequency.

In conclusion, travel managers will have a broader view of what is happening in their companies which will help them achieve their business objectives easily.

Detecting global trends

Centralizing your data is also a strategic idea that helps you see the fluctuation in your data, the changes, and the behavioral patterns of the users. Having this holistic point of view will help you understand the users’ needs, the trends, and predict future changes in their actions.

Data Security

Importance of cyber security


Another important advantage of using aggregators’ business model is data safety. Having all your data aggregated in one place make it easier to protect this data in an efficient way and prevent any leak of information or cybersecurity attacks. Besides, aggregators always provide a private network to their clients to maintain security.

Lower costs

Budget and costs represent a big concern for companies. In fact, using multiple apps and software to achieve the company’s’ goals can be very expensive. In the business travel market, companies might have to use tools for hotel reservations, ticket booking, expense accounting, transportation, and many other needs. Considering to use aggregators like Ayruu will help these companies reduce costs and optimize their accounting.

User experience

Using aggregators internally for your employees or externally for your customer will always guarantee satisfying user experience. In the word of rapidity and digital progress, users are looking for a tool that facilitates their jobs and their everyday life.

So what is better than centralizing all their needs in one place?

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