Booking for a third party

Professional bookings made easier.

Our main purpose is to give autonomy for professional travellers to book by themselves on their mobile phones. But we also offer office managers the possibility to book for a third party ( employees, externals, guests, etc).

We made sure to offer flexibility and convenience for our clients by providing a variety of choices in terms of suppliers and features.

Booking for a third party
Booking for a third party

A fast booking process

To book for business travellers, you won’t be needing to fill in their information each time. All the accounts should be created once, and VOILA, time for bookings and validations. Avoid complex traditional booking tools and choose a fast-to-implement and to-use solution.

Professional bookings for your event hosts

Many of our customers host events according to different frequencies all throughout the year. If you are hosting an event any sooner and need to book for your guests, speakers, or employees abroad, choose Ayruu.

A flexible, simple-to-use, and fast-to-implement booking solution.

Benefit from multi-destination bookings

Plan your employees’ journeys more flexibly and efficiently by adding several stops to their itinerary.

Available on the corporate platform and on the mobile application!

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