Duty of care

What are our features focusing on the duty of care?

Ayruu makes sure that clients are completely safe during their corporate trips. For this reason, we provide features that help companies prioritise duty of care.
Duty of care
devoir de vigilance

Feed: alert your travellers on the road

We offer you a news feed to use in order to send alerts and messages to your employees on the road. In two clicks an alert is immediately sent. Notifications are sent in real-time and travellers receive them immediately if they are connected to the internet.

Implement your Travel policy

A travel policy focused on travellers’ well-being (only high-rated travel and accommodation suppliers) is an essential consideration for companies. If you travel to domestic markets and overseas, a travel policy that outlines the safety procedures for your employees is important.

A centralised travel itinerary

To make sure that your employees are safe, you should think about every step of the trip. 

Ayruu regroups all the travel on one timeline to facilitate the travel experience and to anticipate and prepare everything before travelling.

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