80% of savings on expense reports management with Ayruu!

IRVE market: electric and plug-in hybrid car market



Ze-Watt, a specialist in electric vehicle charging, is a national operator dedicated to providing its customers with a full range of services related to electric mobility. Our client’s travelers are their technicians in charge of the installation and maintenance of IRVE installations at their clients’ premises.

Before Ayruu: Challenges and Expectations

  • Time-consuming processing of expense reports

Before the implementation of Ayruu, Ze-Watt technicians booked their trips using open booking, which generated expense reports requiring processing within the company. Managing these expense reports represented an additional workload for administrative assistants and accounting, resulting in a loss of time and money.

“Processing an expense report costs €54 / employee / month. The correction costs an additional €48 / 1 expense report out of 5, i.e. “


Lack of centralization of invoices

Booking on B2C travel sites resulted in a lack of centralization and visibility for our client. Invoices from travel suppliers were sent separately for each traveller, resulting in management and processing that was difficult to follow.

In addition, the company lacked visibility into the travel habits of its employees. No traces or history were recorded, making it difficult to understand the team's movement patterns.

Hotel tourist tax to be paid on-site

Another major challenge before the integration of Ayruu was the management of the hotel tourist tax. Travellers had to pay this tax on-site each time they stayed, leading to additional administrative complexity and unforeseen costs.

With Ayruu: Transformation and results

Ayruu allowed Ze-Watt to centralize the travel reservation process by providing a platform that centralizes all stages of a reservation, including payment.

“The solution integrates all the stages of a reservation including payment”

President of Ze Watt

Efficiency in processing expense reports
Ayruu has radically improved operational efficiency by simplifying the reservations process. Administrative assistants and technicians can now make reservations effortlessly (reservation - payment - invoicing) thus eliminating advances and tedious processing of expense reports.

“Simplicity and speed of installation like we've never seen before!”

Transparent centralization of invoices
The Ayruu platform has centralized all Ze-watt invoices, providing major visibility on travel costs. Ease of access to structured data allows for simplified and transparent financial management.

Prior management of hotel tourist tax
Ayruu has introduced proactive management of the tourist tax, eliminating the need for travellers to pay on-site. This not only simplified administrative management but also allowed more precise control of the costs of each trip.

“Traveler satisfaction + time-saving = Travel budget reduction!”

Deep visibility into statistical reports

The Ayruu platform provides in-depth visibility into travel habits, allowing Ze-Watt to adjust its policy based on travel preferences. Centralizing data has strengthened the company's ability to control costs and optimize routes.

Discover how Ayruu transformed travel management for Ze-Watt, providing operational efficiency, transparent centralization, cost control, and increased ease for administrative assistants in the booking process!

Save 80% on your expense reports with Ayruu

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80% of savings on expense reports management with Ayruu!

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