Ayruu is 100% committed to integrating a CSR policy into its overall strategy and therefore to ensure that it is applied at all company levels. Our actions and decisions must be consistent with the CSR policy.

The reduction of the company’s environmental impact is a major issue at Ayruu, both in its business activities and administration, governance and partnership choices. Environmental responsibility involves reducing waste and sorting it.

Raising the customers’ awareness of their ecological impact

Our offer is designed to raise the awareness of our customers. Indeed, Ayuru has the possibility to show in real-time the carbon impact generated by each traveller. When booking the trip, the carbon impact is notified to have real-time visibility.

A CSR approach within Ayruu

The employees are Ayruu’s ambassadors, they are very committed to limiting their carbon impact in the face of the ecological challenge through the use of low CO2 emission modes of transport, the use of public transport is very much encouraged within our team.

Ayruu has decided to reorganise these processes with a view to conserving resources and reducing carbon impact. This is made possible by the environmental benefit of teleworking, due to the absence of commuting. This method has allowed us to identify the individual (better time management, less fatigue…) and collective (lower emissions due to home-work mobility, optimised management of premises…) benefits of teleworking. Today, Ayruu allows its employees to telework two days out of five.

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