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📌In order to ensure a smooth booking experience, we advise Ayruu mobile app users to fully complete their profile through the app. Reservations will thus be open for the user and for the travel agent. Here is the information needed to complete your profiles: Date of birth Telephone number Driver's license number, date of delivery and country of delivery City and country of birth Current address Reminder: You can manage your notifications via the profile section → notifications.


There is no limit 🤩. You can create as many users as you want.

Cancellations are made directly via the Ayruu mobile application. A cancel button is available under each booking.

Step One: To modify a reservation, your company must subscribe to one of the two customer service offers we offer.

Second step: Your first contact for the modification is Mya, your travel assistant via the Ayruu mobile application. Type "Help" in the chat section Follow Mya's questions ( What do you want to change? (train, flight, hotel, rental car? what reservation?) An automatic email will be sent to confirm your request. You will receive a call from our customer service to better understand your needs.We negotiate and process your change request with travel suppliers.

We have made reservations quick and easy for our clients to save them time in the travel management process. Here are the steps to book a trip:
Find your reservation (Train, flight, hotel, car rental or taxis)

  • Select from the various choices presented (choices can be filtered according to your travel policy)
  • Create your trip (ex: 'Conference in London)
  • Choose the reason for your trip through the drop-down list already prepared by your company (for example, "Signing a contract", "Meeting with a client")
  • Submit your trip for approval (approval must be done within...minutes)

Train reservation

NO. This feature is currently not available through the app.

NO. At the moment, users cannot choose their seat via our solution. This can be done during the onboarding process.

Your train ticket is available via your journeys → Choose the journey in question → click on the train reservation → From the right button of the screen, you can consult your ticket in pdf format.

Hotel Reservation

At this time, users cannot see whether or not breakfast is included in the various hotel deals offered. However, if breakfast is taken during the trip, it may be added to the hotel bill. As the bills are provided and paid at the end of the month, the breakfast price will be added to the bill and will be paid. 📌Companies can filter their hotel results based on the availability of rooms with breakfast included. (Show only rooms with breakfast included).

Car renting

Yes. All changes must be made through your company's chosen customer service department.

In your travel itinerary, you will find the information included in your rental agreement as well as the car rental conditions.

You can find this information in two places: Once you have booked your car rental, the car rental supplier will email you your booking confirmation which contains all the necessary information.
You can also find your pick up address on your Trips → Car Rental Booking in your Trip Itinerary via Ayruu Mobile App.


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