Business hotels bookings with no extra fees

Looking for business hotels should be smooth and stress-free. Ayruu enables you to book all types of hotels in one solution. 

The prices are transparent and can be filtered according to your travel policy and budget. Keep in mind that Ayruu does not take commissions on your business hotel bookings.

Business hotels

What business hotels are available?

Find all the Hcorpo and hotels in our solution and get a direct connection with your business hotel suppliers. We save you the time of searching on different websites. 

Ayruu has gathered B2B and B2C hotel booking platforms in one single app.

Filter your results for your business hotels

Filter your search results according to multiple conditions: The cheapest, the most expensive, the closest, by name, by reverse name the lowest rated, best rates, most recommended, and least recommended. Enjoy our transparent offers centralised for you for a better business travel experience.

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