AI and corporate travel for a better user experience

AI and corporate travel

AI and the corporate travel industry are joining forces to optimise the user experience for employees on business trips. Indeed, artificial intelligence is improving all the time. As a result, many companies are looking to implement it into their solutions and make life easier for their employees and customers.

How is artificial intelligence changing the corporate travel industry?

The benefits of artificial intelligence (AI)

First of all, let's look at the definition of artificial intelligence or AI. What is artificial intelligence? What are the benefits of artificial intelligence? According to the LAROUSSE, artificial intelligence refers to a "set of theories and techniques implemented to create machines capable of simulating human intelligence." That said, AI has been around for several years and it is now that it is sufficiently autonomous to automate complex tasks.

AI and its impact on corporate travel

Artificial intelligence is now present in both business and personal life. AI and business travel are already going hand in hand. In principle, companies that travel generate a significant amount of information from their employees. Whether it is a small business or a large corporation, large volumes of data are generated. Companies obtain all their travel habits and preferences from their travellers. Moreover, the trend is towards personalisation and Big Data, even in business travel. And you guessed it, artificial intelligence is one of the main factors.

Innovative players such as Ayruu are reinventing business travel with artificial intelligence. The proof is that its solution allows you to manage and book your business trips with its all-in-one super app dedicated to business travel.

AI and corporate travel
AI in business travel to improve the user experience and meet all your needs.

With an application like Ayruu dedicated 100% to business travel, its AI allows companies as well as suppliers to interact with its travellers. For example, travellers no longer need to make a note in their schedule or to-do list to manage their reservations. From now on, travellers can receive a notification directly on their smartphone to check in at the right time to get their ticket in the application.

Finally, opting for AI in business travel is above all about improving the experience of employees on business trips.

New era of business travel with AI

From now on, no more time-consuming redundant tasks like expense reports. With applications like Ayruu, complex tasks are not only simplified but also planned. This is why outsourcing your business travel management is no longer an option to keep up with the times. Especially since there are many issues in the travel sector that need to be solved within the company. These range from booking to cancellation, from expense reports to dematerialisation. In other words, AI leads to a reduction in your business travel budget and an increase in the productivity of employees on business trips.

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