Business travel review

Business travel review
business travel review
The business travel retrospective of 2021.

Now that 2022 has begun, let’s make a business travel review. In this article you will find out what has happened in the business travel sector, including how the covid-19 pandemic has changed our travel habits.

What has happened to business travel since the covid-19 health crisis?

What happened to business travel?

It is now clear that the covid-19 pandemic has profoundly changed our habits. And this, in a definitive way. Indeed, business travel has been strongly impacted over the last two years, and many changes have taken place in business travel and in the organisation of companies in general.

Reduction of the business travel budget

It should be mentioned that the covid-19 health crisis has had a strong impact on our economy: the GDP of the Euro zone has fallen by 6.8% (Eurostat). Thus, many companies, and in particular very small businesses (VSE or SME), have taken precautions. In other words, companies are reviewing their priorities. Indeed, the uncertainty linked to Covid is taking an important place in budget planning. This is why the business travel budget has been reduced and, for some, put on hold.

The importance of digitalization in travel

In general, a large majority of us have been forced to work from home, the adoption of digital in business has accelerated. Especially as the rise of the technology sector allows people to work and stay connected with their loved ones. Finally, the comeback of business travel is an opportunity for companies to rethink their organisation. Further economic recovery for a company means transforming the way it manages its business travel.


In the pre-pandemic period, business travel accounted for 1/3 of all travel in the US (Statista). While this is good for the global economy, we need to keep an eye on our environmental impact. Clearly, an upturn in business requires companies to give their employees the opportunity to travel more efficiently and over shorter distances.

Find our tips for sustainable business tourism here.

Key points of the business travel review

Today’s business travellers want to have the same ease of use in their business travel as they do in their personal travel. This is why they are turning more to public websites that they already know to organise their trips. This is called: Open Booking. Find out why business travellers use Open Booking.

Digital technology is already having an impact on companies’ travel policies. Especially as the traveller is positioned at the center when organizing business trips.

This is why Ayruu has developed a full mobile solution that brings together all the needs of business travel.

In these conditions, what are the advantages for companies to organise their business trips with Open Booking? There are many benefits. Firstly, they give their employees freedom of choice. In this way, they reduce the number of booking steps and therefore save time. Finally, it is also a way for companies to be commission free. They then have the benefit of getting low prices and therefore not losing money.

In the end, the business travel future is only promising for its actors and especially those who are aware of the importance of placing the traveller at the center of the organisation of business trips.


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