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Business Travel Policy

The main objectives behind a travel policy are to standardise business travel practices and to control travel spending. It aims to provide concise and understandable guidelines for all members of the organisation. This helps in ensuring a consistent approach to planning, booking and managing business travel. 

Ayruu shares with you the ultimate guide to creating and/or updating your business travel policy. This ebook provides an essential resource for companies looking for guidelines to establish or improve their travel policy. Let’s dive into the key points of this ebook and discover how it can help centralise and improve business travel within your organisation.

Download a FREE Travel Policy Template !

A detailed template with the best practices to ensure compliance with your company policy.

Our guide is divided into the following sections: 

Section 1: The objectives of a corporate travel policy: 

In this section we discuss the importance of having a well-defined travel policy. We highlight the benefits of establishing a clear policy, including cost control, regulatory compliance and employee satisfaction. Using the information in the ebook, we define how a travel policy with solid objectives can have a positive impact on a company’s profitability and productivity.

Section 2: Travellers’ safety

In this part of our ebook, you will find the guidelines to follow to ensure duty of care, such as travel insurance, emergency assistance, risk management, etc.

Section 3: Business travel bookings

In this section, we will look at the key aspects of booking business travel. You can include details of the various forms of transport, accommodation and mobility. It is essential to have clear guidelines in place to ensure efficient bookings that comply with company policies. 

Section 4: Expense claims and reimbursement

In our ebook, you will find out how to establish clear procedures to ensure transparent and efficient expense management. How are expenses managed and reimbursed? What are the policies on expense claims?

Section 5: Compliance and monitoring

Find out about the importance of compliance with travel policies and the follow-up measures needed to ensure that bookings, expenses and reimbursements are carried out in accordance with company guidelines.

Download a FREE Travel Policy Template !

A detailed template with the best practices to ensure compliance with your company policy.

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