Future of business travel

Future of business travel
Future of business travel
Many changes are taking place in the business travel sector.

Many of us are wondering what the future of business travel is. What will the future of business travel look like and what will be the trends? With the recent events that have affected the entire planet (Covid pandemic among others), many changes have taken place in the sector. 

What is the future of business travel?

The value of future business trips assessed

In our business travel retrospective, it was seen that the reduction of the business travel budget was part of the changes in companies. Read the business travel retrospective.

This makes sense because there is less travel. So each trip is evaluated by the company, especially the travel manager, to know if it is necessary or not. Indeed, travellers must be reassured and understand why their trip is useful.

It is important to remember that sending employees on business trips remains essential for many companies. On the one hand, it is important to create or strengthen links between colleagues. On the other hand, it is also essential to meet clients and partners. And let's not forget that a virtual meeting will never replace face-to-face meetings.

The future of business travel: Sustainable business tourism?

First of all, it must be said that the environmental cause is becoming more and more important not only in our personal lives but also in our professional lives. In short, sustainable business tourism is: linking sustainable development, and therefore our eco-responsibility, to our business trips.

Find out here what exactly sustainable business tourism is.

According to the Green Travel 2020 report by American Express Global Business Travel, just over half of companies (42%) are concerned about their carbon footprint. So what are you waiting for? When organising your business trip, consider having your company adopt a sustainable and eco-responsible travel policy.

The future of business travel: Digitalisation of the sector


In our private or professional lives, we are threatened every second by data leakage and cyber attacks. This is why companies have an interest in protecting their information systems. The Ayruu application is aware of this and ensures that its business travellers can keep their data confidential.

You can also understand how to avoid becoming a victim of a data breach.

Expense data

Travel and expense functions are now important. Indeed, the ease of use of platforms by business travellers is an important factor. As such, it is important for an organisation to choose travel and expense management solutions that are as intuitive as possible. In addition, with more and more travel and expense data available, a company can easily track travellers for safety, monitor compliance with travel policies and be able to perform analytics to evaluate its spend.

Learn more about "Managing Expenses to Manage Business Travel", or Travel Expense (T&E).

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