The French market should have recovered at the end of the year 96% of expenses linked to business travel compared to 2019 (reference year – GBTA). This is why Ayruu presents the complete guide that explains how to control travel expenses and optimize every aspect of your business trips.

The main objective of the travel policy is to streamline and standardize practices related to business travel. It aims to provide concise and understandable guidelines for everyone within the company, to ensure a consistent approach to planning, booking and managing business travel.

What are the challenges of business travel expenses?

The challenges of travel expense management can be varied and often depend on the specific nature of the business, its industry and the frequency of travel. Here are some common challenges that many businesses may face:

  • Travel policy management
  • Cost control
  • Control costs associated with business travel
  • Expense tracking and analysis
  • Booking Optimization
  • Policy Compliance
  • Reimbursement management

Our guide aims to turn these challenges into an opportunity by revealing proven strategies, practical tips and recommendations for controlling spending while travelling.

  • What you will discover:
  • Travel policy templates to control expenses.
  • Tips for optimizing booking and reducing costs.
  • The crucial importance of tracking and analyzing expenses.
  • Recommendations for eco-responsible travel management.
  • And much more…

Download the Ayruu guide today and turn your travel into a financial opportunity!

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