How SMEs must manage their business travel

small businesses and travel management
Travel management for SMEs

Small and medium enterprises also known as SMEs represent an important part of the French market and the European market in general. With a total number of 25 079 31 SME in Europe in 2018, they became an important factor for the development of PIB.

According to The barometer of the Order of Accountants, there are five main sectors which presented a remarkable growth during the first term of 2019:

number of SMEs in europe

The main objective of SMEs is to develop their activity. On the one hand, to achieve this objective and sign new contracts, these companies must rely on business travel. On the other hand, small structures can encounter difficulties in managing their business trips. In fact, it is imperative for them to combine cost control and truthfulness of travel to increase their turnover.

Thus, relying on a tool that brings together all travel management needs on a single platform is the future of SMEs.


So why is it important for these structures to set up a solution in Saas mode such as aggregators, especially travel?

1. Simple administrative process

Processus de voyage


As you can notice from the picture, the travel administrative process can represent a burden for small and medium company’s owners. However, it is not necessary for SMEs to make a deal with TMC, in particular thanks to new technologies. Conversely, large companies can, in fact, rely on TMC tools to control their trips and track their expenses.

Unlike large companies, SMEs are made up of a small number of employees. Conversely, large companies can rely on TMC tools to control their trips and track their expenses.

For this reason, a travel mobile app can be helpful and save companies the need for a travel management company. Our solution, for example, allows business travelers to organize their trips by themselves without the need of an agency to do it for them. 


The traveler is now the main organizer of his trip. In a few clicks, he can book his transportation and accommodation, respect the travel policy, and help his company reduce travel costs. Using advanced technology and AI to manage business trips for SMEs can also provide more comfortable travel conditions for travelers.


Simply organizing business travel allows small companies to focus more on the quality of their travel. Instead of focusing and stressing about the travel costs, companies will be able to work better on their future opportunities, their growth, and the expansion contracts of their business. 

2. Controlled budget

Succeeding in preparing well-organized business trips with fewer costs should be the priority of SMEs.

Besides the administrative simplicity, SMEs can benefit from a considerable cost reduction when they start using aggregators for their travel management. Of course, the use of one innovative platform is cheaper than using many travel solutions to organize a business trip. SaaS (Software as a service) and MaaS (Mobility as a service) solutions like Ayruu can help small and medium companies reduce their travel expenses so they can invest these costs in other needs. 


If you are an owner of a small company and you want to reduce your travel expenditures, travel aggregators will help you:

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