How technology has revolutionized business travel?

technology and business travel

Technology and business travel are the perfect couple. The latest technological solutions have brought ease to the travel industry by simplifying the management and the booking process. 

Here are a few changes in the corporate travel industry thanks to technology. This list might convince you to shift from the traditional way of travel management to a more modern and developed way.

1. Artificial intelligence combined with humans for customer service

To start with, one of the most effective revolutions made in business travel is the digitalisation of customer services. For this reason, here in Ayruu, we combine artificial intelligence with human customer service in order to resolve our clients’ travel issues. 

An AI assistant called MyA is available to guide our business travellers, answer their questions and transmit their problems to our customer service

2. Mobile applications centralizing all the bookings

We can’t talk about technology without talking about mobile phones and mobile applications. Travellers or not, we are always connected to our smartphones. In addition, mobile applications have now changed the way corporate trips are managed.

Besides, using one mobile application, employees can book the different steps of their trips, from accommodation to transportation to mobility. 

3. A user-friendly technological solution to save time when booking

Having a technological platform for travel management is not enough. Technologie made business trips easier and more convenient by providing a user-friendly experience to clients. With this in mind, our mobile application Ayruu guarantees a user-friendly interface. Our primary objective is to help travellers enjoy a stress-free corporate trip with less expense and modern management.

4. Digitilal expense reports

Did you know that 80% of corporate travellers prefer to use a technology that allows them to digitize expense reporting for their trips? To answer this frequently needed option, Ayruu developed a feature to centralize the travel invoices in one management platform, as a result, there is no need to spend time filling in expense reports by the traveller.

5. Easier access to travel metrics and travel data

Finally, thanks to technology, reducing travel expense and keeping tracking the expense metrics is now available. Travel management platforms give access to the number of trips per period, the costs, the number of annulations and modifications, etc. 

As usual, Ayruu has thought of all the needs of office managers and added this option to the solution. In our corporate platform, profit from different types of data to analyze your travellers’ trips and expenses. Based on this data, you will have more visibility upon business travel in your company and thus better management.

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