How to manage corporate travel?

manage corporate travel

Corporate travel isn’t an easy task to manage. Collaborators are doing trips around the world and for that reason, there are a lot of bookings and tasks to take care of. Don’t worry because managing business travel will not be a chore anymore after reading this article.

How to manage corporate travel efficiently? 

Common business trips challenges to manage

After discussing with companies that make their collaborators travel we have determines common challenges in the way they manage corporate travel. The main one is companies don’t have the right process for how they travel. This leads to unmet needs for your travelers and admins and so a lot of cost and time for simple tasks. Maybe you are facing the following challenges in business travel?

  1. Large numbers of mail to deal for someone that is not a travel manager
  2. An administration team that is tired of overworking with travel requests: approvals, arrangements, bookings, changes, cancellations
  3. The micromanaging from the financial team as they control et figure out every cost trip by case and person
  4. A travel policy that took many hours to write but nobody is reading
  5. Not the same personal freedom when business travelers are booking for work

3 tips to manage corporate travel

The 3 following tips will allow you to manage corporate travel efficiently no matter the size of your company:

  1. Select the right booking platform. Choose one that is making the booking process easy and where open booking (self-booking) is possible.
  2. Design structured travel policies and well-organized workflows. For optimizing your business travel management don’t hesitate to automate your travel policy as it saves time for your admin team. Personalize your travel policy thanks to our model.
  3. Use real-time data to optimize next trips. Implementing the right business travel tool is important as expense management is as well. Insightful reports will allow the finance team to make the best budget decisions as they can identify trends for example.

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