How to organise a business trip for your boss?

organising a business trip for your boss

Is this your first time being asked this or are you just checking to see if you are doing it right, either way, your question is: how do you organise a business trip for your boss?

Organising a business trip

The preparation for a successful business trip is important. Indeed, when planning a trip, the priority is to put the traveler at the heart of the journey, i.e. to ensure his or her well-being.

Here are our 5 tips:

  1. Understand your boss’s preferences
  2. Define the travel itinerary
  3. Allow self-booking
  4. Centralise your information
  5. Create a business travel checklist

Now let’s answer “How to organise a business trip for your boss?”

1. Understanding the traveler’s preferences

Remember to discuss the traveler’s preferences at the beginning. Taking them into account will make the organization of the business trip more fluid. 

2. Defining the travel itinerary

When organizing a business trip, defining the itinerary is essential in order to have the details of the trip in one place and therefore not to waste time looking for information.

3. Enable self-booking

Many business travelers want to book themselves. This allows them to avoid constant communication and focus on their real mission. In other words, this is possible by adopting a business travel management software that includes the company’s travel policy. In this case, the traveler will not only find his or her itinerary but also the bookings he or she has made at the same location, all within the framework of the business travel policy.

4. Centralising information

When organizing a business trip there are many details to consider. With this in mind, having them all in one place is ideal when you want to organize a business trip. Moreover, digital documents are easier to take with you than printed sheets… and it’s more environmentally friendly. And the easiest way to take them with you is of course the smartphone. So an application that centralizes all these elements is the best for the traveler. Discover the Ayruu Super-App which allows you to do this centrally for your business trips.

5. Creating a business travel checklist

In an earlier article, it was stated that “Organising a business trip is synonymous with good preparation. This is why a checklist is essential. Indeed, this list will be very useful to the traveler so as not to forget anything.

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