MyA: The AI that revolutionises business travel

intelligence artificielle et voyage d'affaires

Imagine an intelligent travel assistant, capable of simplifying every aspect of your business travel! Welcome to MyA, the artificial intelligence travel assistant developed by Ayruu. 

More than just an AI, it becomes your travel partner, answering all your questions, solving logistical challenges and transforming every trip into a smooth and efficient experience.

1. Who is Mya?

Mya is Ayruu‘s artificial intelligence travel assistant. In fact, she has been part of the solution since the first version of the travel application in 2020. The objective behind the development of this artificial intelligence is to personalise the travel experience for users. This digitalization combined with the human touch at Ayruu, offers a unique user experience.

2. The benefits of Mya for travellers and businesses

  • Customised user experience 

Mya does not offer you a generic experience, but rather a tailor-made interaction. It adapts to your specific needs, answers your questions in a personalised way and even anticipates your preferences to make every stage of your journey unique. It’s like having a service that knows you personally and makes your business travel smoother and more in tune with your style.

  • Booking optimisation

By understanding your travel policy, preferences and budget restrictions, she ensures that every booking is perfectly tailored to your needs. It’s like having a travel planning expert working for you. Mya will help you learn how to book with the Ayruu application with ease.

  • Time savings and productivity

Mya’s artificial intelligence also brings considerable benefits to businesses. It centralises the booking process, manages travellers’ specific needs and contributes directly to improving the overall travel experience and passenger satisfaction. 

  • Ticket-based customer service

Mya also acts as your first point of contact for all booking changes or cancellations. Using an intuitive ticketing system, users can submit their requests to Mya, which processes them quickly and efficiently. This combined AI and human service system simplifies the booking management process and provides a smoother, more responsive customer experience.

artificial intelligence and business travel

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