Office managers: 6 Tips for a stress-free travel management

Office managers: 6 Tips for a stress-free travel management

As an office manager, multitasking is an essential skill. However, with the fast-paced office environment, especially in large groups and big enterprises, an office manager can profit from suitable tools and software to lighten the workload. In this article, we focus on travel management for office managers. 

Save travelers' personal information when booking

A repetitive task that might seem simple for others, but entering employees’ information for each booking and trip can be overwhelming for office managers.

Ayruu has thought about this detail to offer a better user experience for travel managers. Using the corporate platform, personal information is required only one time when creating the users.

Don’t make employees pay for their trip and ask for a refund

Managing expense reports can be a bit of a chore and asking for payment invoices after each trip can make you waste a lot of time. Set up a digitized reporting system and get rid of the refund procedures. Ayruu offers you the possibility to centralize payments and invoices in one place. 

Create a dynamic and accessible travel policy

We all know that travel policy can be lost easily in the traveler’s email inbox. As a result, employees can book their trips out of the agreed policy. To prevent stressful travel management and breaking the travel policy, Ayruu advises you to opt for a solution that allows you to dynamize and modify travel policy easily. Using Ayruu, travelers can access their travel policy with one click on their mobile application.

One mobile application where users can book their trip, access their travel policy, and centralize all the payments.

Analyze travel data to improve travel expense

One more tip that helps office managers make their tasks easier, is to set up a data reporting system. As usual, Ayruu has thought of all the needs of office managers and added this option to the solution. In our corporate platform, profit from different types of data to analyze your travelers’ trips and expenses. Based on this data, you will have more visibility upon business travel in your company and thus better management.

Giving freedom to travelers to book their trips

Last but not least, giving freedom to employees to book their trips on their own, is one big step that reduces stress for office managers. More importantly, office managers will have more time to focus on other missions. Office managers may no longer have to book for the employees, but they can still have control over the booking approvals.

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