Out of office message for a business trip

Message d'absence du bureau

If you are going on vacation or business trip soon, find your out of office message by reading on. If you are not available at the company during regular hours, then an out of office mail is useful.

What are the best automatic messages?

Practical tips for writing your out of office message

Here’s what to absolutely include in your automatic reply email when you’re out of the office: say when you’ll be back. While you don’t have to say why you’re away, saying when you’ll be back is the most important. Apart from this requirement, which we strongly recommend, you are free to write your own email.

In general, here is what an absence message for a business trip or vacation contains:

  • A thank you for the person who contacts you.
  • Give them your return date to the office.
  • Another company contact for an emergency (number and/or email address).
  • Indicate that you will respond to emails upon your return.


Other items can be included in your away message. For example, you can add whether or not you check your email and say why you are absent if you wish.

Example of an out of office mail for a business trip:

Subject: Away from the office


Thank you for your email. I am on a business trip and I am not available at the moment. I will be back on (insert date).

If you need a contact for an emergency, you can contact (Contact Name) at (Email or Phone Number).

See you soon,

Your signature

Either way, your out-of-office message can be more casual serious depending on your company culture. In other words, if you work in a strict industry, it’s best to keep your out-of-office message as simple and clear as possible. Overall, say that you are away, let them know when you will be back and finally what to do in case of an emergency.

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