SMB Travel management Versus Large companies

SMB travel management
SMB travel management

Small and medium businesses don’t have to wait until they expand their structure and get bigger to manage their travel. However, How did SMB use to travel? and what do SMB needs to learn from larger companies and vice versa?

1. The importance of Travel Policies

  • A well-written travel policy ensures that all the travelers will respect and follow the same travel requirements set by their company.

  • Reduce travel costs by preventing unnecessary expenses. According to Expedia, 91% of SMB spend more money on business trips than on their personal trips. A travel policy can ensure a more cost-conscious culture.

  • Make travel more efficient by narrowing down booking choices for the employees and save booking time.
  • Ensure equality between travelers.
  • Provide the right information for the security of travelers during their business trip.

2. Travel management Tools


  • Relying on a travel management tool helps SMB centralize their travel data in one place. On the contrary, using multiple tools to make travel bookings, prevents small businesses from generating travel datas. Datasets are important sources to analyze in order to improve the travel process.

  • For more advantages of travel management centralization, read our article about the importance of travel aggregators 

SMB travel management

3. Travel and Expenses (T&E) policy

  • A Travel and Expense (T&E) policy helps in preventing any frauds in terms of money reimbursements. 

  • Aims to track and optimize travel expenses 

4. Clear priorities

  • Focusing on using effective travel management aggregators like Ayruu, encourage small and medium businesses to focus more on the travel experience of their employees, their safety, and their carbon footprint. 

  • Not using this solutions, makes SMB focus on budget and travel costs and ignore important priorities. 

Therefore for  SME/SMB, the need for travel is crucial, but, usually, these companies don’t have experience in travel management, and the overall costs of expenses are significant. Unlike large companies, where business trips are managed according to a well-organized travel process but longer than in SME/SMB.

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