SMEs: Measuring carbon emission for business travel

mesurer les emissions carbon

Measuring carbon emissions is a way for companies to take responsibility for their environmental impact towards becoming more sustainable. Business travel is an integral part of many companies operations. However, it can also have a significant impact on the environment. From air travel to ground transportation, the emissions generated from business travel contribute to climate change and air pollution. 

1. The challenges of measuring carbon emissions from business travel

Measuring the carbon emissions of business travel can be a complex task for the company. Here are some factors that make calculating carbon emissions a real challenge today.

  • Modes of transportation: Different modes of transportation have different carbon emissions. For instance, calculating the emissions from a train journey versus a car journey is different. Furthermore, emissions can vary depending on the type of aircraft or vehicle used and the number of passengers. In this article, we have discussed how different train types emit different amounts of CO2.

  • Lodging: Similarly, the carbon emissions associated with lodging can vary depending on the type of accommodation. A sustainable hotel will have a lower carbon footprint than a traditional hotel. In addition, the location of the lodging plays a role in emissions, as rural hotels may have lower emissions than those in urban areas.

  • Other factors can also complicate the process of measuring carbon emissions. For example, different countries have different regulations and standards for reporting emissions. Additionally, the data required for measuring emissions can be difficult to obtain and may not always be accurate.

Due to the complexity of measuring carbon emissions from various modes of transportation and lodging, companies need to have accurate and consistent data. This is where technology comes in, as it can help to provide accurate and up-to-date information on CO2 emissions, making it easier for companies to measure and offset their environmental impact.

2. The role of technology in measuring carbon emissions

  • CO2 Calculators

Nowadays, it exists carbon emission calculators that make it easier for businesses to predict their carbon footprint. Ayruu, as a business travel aggregator, made sure to integrate carbon emission rates into its solution. The environmental responsibility of our clients is one of our top priorities. When booking the next corporate trip, business travellers or office managers will have a real-time estimation of the Carbon emission for their train and flight bookings.

  • Sustainable Hotel booking tools

In addition, to encourage environmental responsibility even more, we have collaborated with green and sustainable hotel providers. By including sustainable hotel results in our business travel solution, we promote eco-friendly and responsible business tourism. Besides, we help our clients to reduce the negative impact on the environment and be more socially conscious travellers.

To conclude, our technological solution is not only a booking solution for companies who travel frequently, but we are also a contributor to the environmental duties of our clients.

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