The right business trip accommodations

Business trip accomodations

It is important to book accommodation that is suitable for business trips. This is to ensure that your employees can concentrate on their work.

What are the best types of accommodation for business trips?

Accommodations for your business trips

For a business trip, we advise you to follow these tips for your business travel itinerary.

4 tips for booking your accommodation

  1. Book accommodation that is close to the place where you have an appointment. After all, having to travel an hour to get to an appointment in the morning is the last thing a traveler wants. Moreover, this advice is all the more recommended in large cities. For example, north to south journey can take up to 2 hours by car with traffic jams.
  2. Check that the business trip accommodation has all your accommodation needs. Depending on the needs of the travelers, the facilities are different (fridge, coffee machine, room service, gym,…). But, the most important thing when you are on business is a Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Take a flexible cancellation offer. Indeed, when you have to travel for work as well as for your personal life, unforeseen events are always possible. In this sense, being able to cancel without incurring extra costs is preferable.
  4. Don’t forget to look at the different rates. Most often, the best choices and rates for business travel are those of specialized travel management services. Indeed, business travel management tools such as Ayruu allow you to book all types of accommodation on a single platform. With these services, you can filter your rates and find all your reservations not only for accommodation but also for planes, trains, etc…

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