The traveller at the center of business travel

traveller business travel

Companies, especially travel managers and other actors of business travel, are now putting the traveller at the center of business travel.

What are travellers' expectations when organising both personal and business travel?

The traveller at the center of business travel

The traveller at the center of business travel: what expectations?

According to a study by TOM.Travel, for a trip booked for the next 12 months, more than the majority of travellers (53%) "want to be sure that the supplier will deliver its promises". Indeed, how do you gain the trust of travellers?

Already, providers are being asked to meet simple expectations. Indeed, for travellers, getting the service they want makes sense. Service providers are expected to keep the promises they make to consumers, for example on equipment or on booking and refund conditions.

In any case, travellers are becoming more and more demanding as there are many options and different prices available to them.

According to the same study conducted in partnership with Wakefield Research in May 2021 (Traveler Value Index), there are 3 new priorities

1. A quarter of travellers prefer to be reimbursed in full, if at all.

2. Around 65% are more likely to organise a trip with suppliers who show a willingness to be inclusive in their approach. For example, being accommodated in women-owned accommodation.

3. Ecology is also a trend in travel. Sustainable tourism, even business tourism, is important to consumers. Indeed, 59% of respondents are willing to pay more in order to travel ecologically.

Digital again concerned by the new challenges of business travel

For business travel, the post-covid era is a new era. In principle, the expectations of travellers continue to evolve.  The proof is that people want to find information easily and quickly when organising a business trip. That is why digital technology has an important role to play in this new era.

Business travel providers now offer virtual services available 24/7. In this spirit, new players such as smartphone applications like Ayruu are coming into play. These new alternatives allow travellers to organise a business trip anywhere, anytime.

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