What are the different types of business trips?

types of business trips

Are you new to business travel, or are you curious about the types of business trips? It is true that there are many reasons for business travel, so the needs are different too. So you might ask: how do you meet these needs for different types of business travel? Let’s look at the different types of business travel.

Types of business trips

First of all, it should be said that the different types of business travel are not complicated to define. However, understanding them will help you to better understand the needs of your company’s travellers and therefore improve your business travel management. Here are 5 types of business travel:

  1. Seminars
  2. Corporate meetings
  3. Company retreats
  4. Client meetings
  5. Trade shows

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Better understanding of the different trips

1. Events

Generally speaking, business travel for events is about conferences or seminars. Indeed, companies send their employees to these events in order to provide them with a learning experience through workshops for example. This type of travel is essential as it allows employees to develop professionally and facilitates networking with collaborators such as customers and suppliers.

2. Meetings and visits

It is true that companies with offices abroad have this type of business travel. As a general rule, travelling to different offices helps to harmonise the organisation of the company but also to communicate on issues that need to be addressed.

3. Company seminars

These seminars are designed to create team cohesion. In general, company seminars are organised at least once a year and activities are arranged to bring all employees together.

4. Customer meetings

There are cultures where face-to-face meetings are considered essential for the health of the company. Therefore, organising business trips to maintain good relations with partners is essential.

5. Trade shows

Travelling to trade fairs is a good way for many companies in certain sectors to be able to present and therefore sell their offer. Trade fairs are also an opportunity to establish or consolidate new relationships.

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