What are the needs of business travelers?

What are the needs of business travelers

Travel managers, hotels, airline companies, and travel management solutions must be aware of the needs of business travelers to provide them with a better travel experience while accomplishing their work.

What are the needs of business travelers

Before digging into the interesting statistics and the needs of business travelers, keep in mind that business travelers are composed of both women and men and that millennials have revolutionized business travel.

To ensure a comfortable business trip for all the above-mentioned types of employees, here are the needs of a business traveler :

What do business travelers need from travel technologies?

1. All-in-on business travel application

Note that 57% of nowadays travelers prefer to have a single application to manage their planning and booking needs. This is the reason behind developing our business travel application Ayruu which centralizes all the bookings in one application right on the mobile phone of the traveler.

2. Digital expense reporting

Did you know that 80% of corporate travelers prefer to use a tool that allows them to digitize expense reporting for their trips? To answer this frequently needed option, Ayruu developed a feature to centralize the travel invoices in one management platform, as a result, there is no need to spend time filling in expense reports by the traveler.

3. Autonomy

According to the spendesk blog, 48% of corporate travelers say that the most important aspect of a travel program is the ability to book for themselves. Travel management technologies should answer this need to ensure a pleasant travel experience for workers. Here in Ayruu, business travelers are at the center of our technology. For that, we provide travelers with a travel application to make all their bookings by themselves via their mobile devices.

What do business travelers need from a Hotel?

4. Leisure activities

Recent statistics confirm that nearly 60% of businesses support bleisure trips by encouraging employees to extend their business trips. Hotels need to focus their communication strategy on Leisure activities. With the rising of traveling millennials in companies, the interest in leisure activities is rising as well. Appropriately 80% of travelers admit to taking part in leisure activities while on a business trip. 

5. Eco-friendly hotels

In research done by booking.com, 73% of global hotel visitors today would prefer an eco-sustainable hotel over a traditional one. Putting sustainable travel a top priority is both beneficial for the individuals and the hotelier industry.  

To answer the needs of companies, we support green travel by partnering with eco-friendly hotels. We partner with Hcorpo to provide you with a large choice of hotels in our travel application.

6. Accessible meeting rooms

To attract business travelers, a hotel must consider proving several meeting rooms for its guests. Business trips are about work, meetings, contracts, and deals. Don’t hesitate to put the needs of business travelers at the center of your hotel and offer him meeting rooms, additional electricity plugs, free and strong wifi, etc. 

7. Advanced technologies

81% expect hotels to use virtual, reception-free check-in processes in the future. Avoiding waiting lines and focusing on their work is what travelers really need. Consider augmented reality options, virtual check-in, and more advanced options to meet the needs of business travelers and satisfy companies hosting in your hotel.


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