What type of business travelers are they?

type of business travelers

Each person is unique and so is their type of traveler. Understanding their needs is also about providing a better travel experience.

4 types of business travelers

We have established these types of profiles who travel for business reasons.

  1. Efficient traveler
  2. Fast traveler
  3. Connected traveler
  4. Comfortable traveler

#1 The efficient traveler type

To be on the safe side, the efficient traveler prefers to take care of everything himself. That is, they prefer to book independently and have visibility over their business travel expenses. This type of traveler needs to know in advance where and when the events of their business trip are taking place. In other words, unforeseen events are disruptive to their organization.

#2 The one who wants to be fast

The fast traveller type is the one who favors short trips. They prefer to spend less time on business trips. 

#3 Never leave home without devices

This is similar to the efficient traveler type, but the particularity of this high-tech type is his appetite for new technologies. Indeed, the traveler prefers to book himself. However, their favorite tool is the smartphone, which the traveler takes everywhere with him. Especially since the smartphone is a business traveler’s best friend. Thanks to his Ayruu application, 100% dedicated to business travel, he organizes his trip from A to Z (hotel, train, taxi,…)

#4 Comfort above all else

This person feels animated by business travel because the travel experience is there. Overall, when the traveler is sent on an assignment, the main condition of the stay is to benefit from all possible services. Fortunately for the company, the tool set up to manage business travel allows for the implementation of a travel policy. This allows the company to control the expenses of its travelers. Read this example of a travel policy and how to implement it.

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