5 tips to ensure travel policy compliance of employees

travel policy compliance

Your company has a travel policy in place, but how to ensure the travel policy compliance? A travel policy is first and foremost a way to ensure the safety of travelers. In addition, providing a framework for company travel leads to savings in time and money. 

How to ensure that the travel policy is respected?

Our 5 tips to ensure the travel policy compliance of employees

Sometimes business travelers prefer to book their own travel outside the company’s channels. This is because employees think they can get a better deal or they don’t feel the travel policies are relevant. Here are 5 ways to enforce travel policy compliance

1. Update

Firstly, to ensure the travel policy compliance of employees, it is important to update it regularly. It is a living document and should be easily accessible to traveling employees.

2. Communicate, communicate and communicate

How can the travel policy be implemented if your employees are not aware of it? For example, it is important to educate and inform employees about business travel guidelines. In other words, when the travel policy is updated, it is strongly recommended that it be communicated. Today, automatic smartphone notification systems are available from business travel apps such as the Ayruu app. Indeed, this allows travelers to be informed without having to write an email or chase each employee.

3. Raising awareness and rewarding travelers

Do you know what gamification is? It’s a reward system, like in a game, hence the word “game”. Well, in business travel, it’s possible. When travel policy compliance is present, offer them a gift. This could be a gift voucher or an upgrade on a future trip. You can also create a leaderboard and provide badges to keep the excitement of business travel alive.

4. Simplify travel policy

Making the travel policy easy to understand and accessible to all is a point that should not be overlooked. To do this, centralizing it on a single tool is the easiest in terms of access and drafting. Thus, using a technological tool means investing in the well-being of the employees concerned by business travel.

5. Use a business travel management tool

The use of a travel management tool is an advantage in the organization of a company. Especially for small and medium-sized companies, which are often faced with hidden travel management. Indeed, business travel management is generally attributed to all types of company sectors, be it administration, finance, or the CEO. By choosing to implement a travel management tool, you not only provide a better framework for travel, but also relieve people whose core business does not lend itself to business travel management.

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