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A professional trip, also known as a business trip, takes place as soon as a person temporarily carries out a professional activity away from his home and his usual place of work. However, this concept is set to evolve over time and in a wider manner. Indeed, should we now consider that moving away from home to work will henceforth be considered as being, in itself, a trip ?

The health crisis we are experiencing has enabled a transformation of working habits. Indeed, the working conditions of employees have been impacted primarily by the ability of companies to ensure the continuity of their activity in times of crisis. A power of adaptation that varies greatly depending on the sector and profession – more or less constrained by containment and partial unemployment measures. Sufficient IT capacity, appropriate tools, a technology-oriented corporate culture and managed teleworking were able to adapt, anticipate and facilitate their management system.

A new type of travel

The growth of MAAS (Mobility As A Service) services has transformed people’s daily lives in terms of mobility. In fact, with company mobility plans, the availability of vehicle fleets in circulation. This dynamic of change is part of an increasingly flexible offer on the market with services such as carpooling, carsharing and various greener ways of getting around

As a result of these numerous changes, companies must now adapt to different ways of encouraging new forms of work and social ties while promoting sharing and saving energy. It will therefore be essential for them to think about the different advantages and disadvantages by integrating the idea that a home-work trip becomes, in itself, a business trip.

Business Travel

The new form of nomadism should be taken into account in the company’s travel budget and therefore the responsibility that would fall on the managers and/or departments in charge of this pole, which might be more extensive.

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