Cybersecurity and its challenges in the digital age

Cybersecurity and its challenges

First of all, it must be said that cybersecurity is a major issue in the digital world. In addition, it is a source of economic and political stakes for companies and users of intelligent objects. How is cybersecurity adapting to the constant evolution of technology?

Cybersecurity and its challenges

What is cyber security?

Firstly, it enables the protection of the digital domain: from servers to electronic systems, from computer data to wireless headsets. Moreover, it is also called computer security or information systems security. Thus, its purpose is to ensure that data is official and does not fall into the wrong place. Therefore, this security ensures that only authorized persons can access the information.

Why is it a major issue today?

At first, IT security continues to develop and is part of everyone’s daily life. Whether in private or professional life, we are threatened every second by data leakage and cyber attacks. In addition, new technologies are constantly increasing: connected objects, artificial intelligence, drones, big data, and 5G faster than we think. This is why all companies have an interest in protecting their information systems. For example, the Ayruu application has become aware of this and ensures its business travelers a secure confidentiality of their data.

But what are its current challenges in the digital world?

Indeed, with a world that continues to digitalize, the stakes also continue to increase. This is why cybersecurity remains linked to this digitization. In the same way, there are many challenges for IT security in 2021, and among them are ransomware or the one we are all familiar with, covid-19.

Ransomware: Indeed, the average ransom to retrieve your data is $178,000 USD, rising to 40,000 in 2019 (source: CoveWare). Finally, ransomware will remain the most common invasion in terms of cyber attacks.

Covid-19: At first glance, vaccines seem to interest hackers (especially those who finance them). Note that 40,000 coronavirus-related websites have been identified in cyber attacks (source: Unit42).

In any case, many other themes such as the cloud or teleworking are added to these two issues. All in all, cybercriminals are also keenly interested in the news.

Sources : CoveWare, Unit42


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