Eco-friendly business trip

sustainable business trips

Protecting the environment has been an important issue for many years, which is why it is necessary to talk about eco-friendly business trip. After all, there is only one Earth. And when it comes to business travel, there are a few tricks to reduce the environmental impact.

How to make business travel sustainable? 

New challenge in corporate travel

First of all, it must be said that times have changed in the business travel sector. Indeed, video-conferencing is becoming more and more popular, but it should not be forgotten that business travel is still mandatory for certain events. 

Eco-friendly business trip: what is it?

Sustainability is now part of the planning process for companies, even when travelling on business. Indeed, there are several possibilities to improve sustainability objectives. Discover our 7 tips for making business travel sustainable. Indeed, if you go on a business trip or implement a sustainable travel policy, it is possible. Finally, here are 3 tips that can be easily applied:

  1. Choose the best mode of transport
  2. Book eco-responsible accommodation
  3. Calculate your carbon footprint

In other words, these 3 elements are a good start to your sustainability goal. 

Choose the best mode of transport: non-stop flights, carpooling, train, public transport…

Book eco-responsible accommodation: accommodation that takes sustainable development into account (automation of lights, recycling, local consumption, etc.)

Calculate your carbon footprint: as explained in our article on sustainability in business travel, “creating reporting is ideal in order to set your objectives in your sustainable travel policy and therefore monitor your progress. “

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