Event managers: Why use Ayruu to manage your guests' bookings? 

organiser voyage pour événément

Managing people is one of the most challenging tasks for event managers, especially for international events that include bookings and business trips. For that, the event committee relies on technology to bring together guests from all over the world.

In this article, you will learn why event agencies are interested in using Ayruu to manage their guests’ corporate trips, from bookings to sending important documents.

1. Save time by centralizing all your guests' bookings on a single platform

Time management is a crucial skill for successful event managers. For that, THE event manager knows that centralizing travel bookings is the only way to save time and focus on other aspects of the event. 

Ayruu allows event organizers to book their guest’s travel (transport, accommodation, mobility, and more) using one solution. We also give you the choice to give autonomy to your guests to book their trips by themselves using our super app. However, the event organizer will always be in control of the expenses by choosing the suppliers, the type of services offered, and the allowed rates for all reservations. An additional function allows the approval or rejection of bookings made by guests with the super app Ayruu.

2. Optimize your event travel budget (Fewer intermediaries and no commission)

Saving time + saving travel budget? what a perfect combination for event organizers. Ayruu focuses on proving a stress-free travel management process while allowing clients to save their budgets.

The budget for organizing an event can be substantial, so reducing expenditure on managing guests and even staff allows the overall budget to be concentrated in order to bring strong added value to the event. 

Furthermore, relying on innovation is a strong strategy to boost the event’s image.

3. Communicate specific information and documents directly on your guest's app

We all know that documentation ( flyers, reminders, maps, plans, etc) are important for successful event managers. For that reason, Ayruu has developed a News Feed for event managers to send important information and notifications to their guests during travel. 

It is also helpful for linking the event committee with the event audience. This feature had proven itself very handful to announce urgent alerts and reminders.

4. Benefit from a wide range of travel providers (airlines, trains, hotels, car rental, taxis, carpooling)

Having a business travel management solution is the opportunity for event managers to know which travel provider is best for their business. For this reason, we make sure to provide a wide range of providers, that are not promoted by trade agreements,  in our solution so you don’t need to waste your time on different travel websites. Enjoy one solution centralizing all the steps for your guests’ travel.

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