How are millennials shaping business travel?

Millennials and corporate travel

Millennials’ behaviour differs significantly from the previous generations. Accordingly, corporate travel companies have to review the whole travel process. Statistics have shown that for business, nearly 40% of millennials travel.

66% of millennials book their travel using a smartphone.

Since most of the travel force will be composed of millennials, travel solutions should consider centralising corporate trip management in a mobile application. Statistics confirmed that 75% had installed travel apps on their smartphone, compared with other generations at 47%.

With this in mind, Ayruu has thought about Gen Y and regrouped every step of the business trip in one application. This helps modern travellers to stay connected to their mobile phones, before, during, and after the trip. Besides, Ayruu makes sure that business travellers are having a stress-free travel experience. It also allows them to save time when booking different suppliers. 

With millennials, the notion of being “traveller centric” is more important than ever.

A traveller-centric approach should be emphasised within travel solutions companies. But how can a travel management solution adopt such an approach? 

To put the traveller at the centre of its solution, a travel management company shout start by understanding evolving traveller expectations and needs. On this occasion, here is a detailed article about corporate travellers’ needs. 

In addition, generation Y is closer to connectivity, personalisation and customisation, For that, Ayruu ensures a personalised travel experience for each traveller. Throughout our mobile aggregator, Gen Y is now able to create their different trips in one timeline. Besides, they have between their hands an IA travel assistant called MyA to assist, guide, and respond to all their questions and issues. 

A travel-centric approach also includes giving the freedom to millennials to book their business trips by themselves. 

Freedom to book by themselves

According to the spendesk blog, 48% of corporate travellers say that the most important aspect of a travel program is the ability to book for themselves. With this in mind, travel management technologies should answer this need to ensure a pleasant travel experience for workers. Here in Ayruu, business travellers are at the centre of our technology. For that, we provide travellers with a travel application to make all their bookings by themselves via their mobile devices.

During business trips, 78% of millennials intentionally make time for leisure.

Travelling for business can sometimes be annoying and can lead to a breakout, especially for frequent travellers. To avoid these feelings, millennials make time for leisure activities during their professional trips. As a business travel management solution, Ayruu is developing new leisure connectors to the solution.

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