Management application for business travel

management application for business travel
Management application for business travel

To begin with, we are pleased to announce that Ayruu has been elected: the management application for business travel in the “Company of the week” section at CNEWS, a French television news channel. Multi-modal reservations, itinerary and trip management, real time information… In other words, Ayruu provides small and medium-sized companies with an all-in-one platform that allows them to easily improve and manage the travel experience of their employees.

Indeed, Ayruu is a technological platform that gathers and centralizes all the business trips for the employees of a company. To date, the solutions offered are specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

“After more than two years of reflection, we have been able to establish various observations about the business travel market. Specifically, there was no alternative to travel agencies, and no SAAS solution adapted for VSEs/SMEs” confides Nicolas Feuillade, one of the founders of Ayruu.

A dedicated web platform and management application

First of all, Ayruu provides company managers with a web platform where they can integrate their own environment. But not only that: adding users, managing and managing the different trips thanks to the centralization of travel data. In addition to having control over the various business trips for his company.

In addition, a mobile application has been designed to gather in one place all the needs and uses that a user may need during a business trip.

The “full mobile” solution allows users to book accommodation, choose the most suitable transport, access the travel itinerary and consult the latest essential information in real time, such as a train delay or flight cancellation.

Numerous advantages for small and medium-sized businesses and business travellers

By reducing the number of intermediaries between the customer and the supplier, the Ayruu solution allows for savings. “The user experience is optimal, we designed the application with UI and UX designers as well as a team of developers, so that it is fluid, simple and fast”, adds Nicolas Feuillade.

Thanks to this centralized system, employees no longer have to pay in advance. For office managers and assistants, Ayruu allows them to refocus on their core business without wasting time on travel arrangements.

A Freemium version to discover the Ayruu application

Ayruu is available in a freemium version which offers companies the possibility to discover the different tools available on the platform and the mobile application for business travel management free of charge.

“For companies, this period of calm due to the health crisis is the ideal time to be able to take in hand and test our solutions and their numerous functionalities with the necessary distance. This is exactly what the freemium version is for! “concludes Sandrine Wu Jye Hwa, the second founder of the company.

The company now wants to continue to develop its platform and will launch a fundraising in a few weeks.


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