Organizing business travel: the new alternatives

Organizing business travel the alternatives

Organizing and finding alternatives for business travel takes a lot of time. Furthermore when it comes to moving a team, it is a task that quickly becomes tiring. Especially when the company’s travel policy must also be taken into account. What are the solutions to plan your business trips?

Organizing business travel the alternatives

Different solutions for business travel

Indeed, there are many solutions in the sector: multimodal platforms, travel agencies, applications, open-booking… It is undeniable that new technologies are at the heart of business travel. Not to mention that they are already present in all phases of travel planning. That is to say employees want tools similar to what they know to organize their business trips. In other words, they need simple and friendly solutions.

Increasingly digital business travel

Organizing business travel the alternatives

In fact we are permanently connected. As a result, travelers need flexibility, simplicity and security. That’s why ATAWAD (Any time, Anywhere, Any device) is even more important now. Startups such as Ayruu have taken on the mission of simplifying the organization of business travel. For instance, Ayruu offers companies, via its application, to organize a trip from A to Z, from transportation to accommodation.

Until now, several options are available to companies. Generally on our devices we have: open booking, mobile applications and websites. As a matter of fact, little by little, websites are going to be on mobile. However, most of them don’t offer the full range of travel offers. That’s why technological solutions such as mobile aggregators exist.

Make it easier for your employees to travel

From now on, some companies want to break away from the current market model and seek to select the best players. As Thomas Pruneyrac, Global Travel & Expense director at OVH, points out at #FBTlive (Future of Business Travel), having several providers is no longer a good idea for a good user experience.

Find in this video what Thomas Pruneyrac and Nicolas Feuillade, co-founder of Ayruu, think about centralizing all the needs of a business trip on a single application.

A good organization of business trips

Should companies make their employees responsible for their business trips? This is the case, for example, in Anglo-Saxon countries where the travel budget is directly allocated per employee. Indeed, many technological players on the market today allow small and medium-sized companies to monitor in real time the different expenses incurred by each of their employees on business trips. For example, let’s consider expense reports, bookings on offers that are not contractualized by the company, also called “Open Booking“, which is a source of leakage. Therefore it is necessary today, and especially following the current context, that companies adopt alternative solutions. Because they are less costly, secure, easy to use and more efficient for their global travel management.


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