Say goodbye to city tax: How Ayruu simplifies business hotel bookings

Taxe de séjour et voyage d'affaires

For many travellers, a persistent hustle is the payment of city taxes linked to their lodging. Despite appearing as a minor aspect, this requirement can swiftly evolve into a burdensome process, compelling travellers to rely on personal credit cards and manage expense reports to seek reimbursement.

1. The problem with city tax payments

  •  Payment at check-in

Corporate travellers are often required to pay city taxes directly to the hotel at check-in. This means using personal credit cards to cover these fees upfront, which can be inconvenient and financially burdensome.

  • Claiming expense reports

After paying the city tax, travellers must submit detailed expense reports to their companies. This process involves collecting receipts, filling out forms, and ensuring that all necessary documentation is included. It is time-consuming and adds to the administrative workload of travellers and the assistants or office manager in charge of expense report verification.

  • Waiting for reimbursement

Once the expense report is submitted, travelers often face a waiting period before they are reimbursed by their company. This delay can impact personal cash flow, particularly if the reimbursement process is slow or if there are any issues with the submitted expense report.

  • Administrative burden

Both travellers and company finance teams face significant administrative burdens. Travellers must meticulously track their expenses and comply with company policies, while finance teams need to review and process numerous expense reports. This creates additional work and potential for errors.

  • Impact on traveller experience

The hassle of managing city tax payments and the associated administrative tasks can negatively impact the overall travel experience for corporate travellers. It eventually adds stress and distracts them from their primary business objectives.

2. Ayruu's innovative approach to simplifying city tax payments for corporate travellers

Ayruu is changing the game with its innovative approach to simplifying city tax payments, ensuring a smoother, more efficient experience for business travellers and their companies.

At the heart of Ayruu’s solution is its seamless integration with the Edenred payment solution. This collaboration allows Ayruu to handle city tax payments directly, eliminating the need for travelers to use their personal credit cards at check-in. Instead, Ayruu and Edenred manage the entire transaction process, ensuring that city taxes are paid and accounted for in a centralised, transparent manner.

Travellers will receive a virtual payment card following their booking to handle city tax. No personal cards are required and no expense reports. This virtual card can also be used to handle other expenses linked to multiple reservations in the solution.

For travellers, Ayruu’s integration with the Edenred payment solution revolutionises city tax payments by handling the transactions directly, thus eliminating the need for personal outlays and cumbersome expense reports. This seamless process simplifies check-in and check-out experiences and ensures compliance with travel policies. 

For the financial and administrative teams, benefit from improved transparency and accuracy in expense tracking, making it easier to reconcile accounts and ensure compliance with company travel policies. Office managers enjoy a simplified process for managing corporate travel, as Ayruu handles the payments directly, freeing up time and resources to focus on other critical tasks. 

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