Sustainable travel policy: How to build one?

Sustainable travel policy

Creating and implementing a sustainable travel policy takes a few minutes. However, for real results in reducing your carbon emissions, simple strategies can be adopted. This article will help you define your sustainability and business travel goals.

How to establish a successful sustainable travel policy?

Create and implement a sustainable travel policy

Is your goal to reduce your environmental and therefore carbon impact? Starting with your business travel carbon footprint is a fantastic start to achieving this goal. Indeed, there are a few boundaries that can easily be set to help business travellers make greener decisions. So developing a travel policy for more sustainable trips is not complicated.

Check out our example of a customisable travel policy.

sustainable travel policy
How to successfully create a sustainable travel policy for your company?

Implementing easy strategies

First of all, for a successful travel policy, simple strategies must be established. Indeed, the most important thing is that it is adopted by employees and therefore easy to implement. Here are some best practices for sustainable travel for your business trips:

  • For a certain duration and distance, make train travel compulsory or give it preference over air travel.
  • If flying is necessary, favour direct flights.
  • For long-haul journeys, identify as many airlines as possible that use recent aircraft, as they are theoretically more fuel-efficient. Two examples to consider when making your list of preferred airlines are: use of biofuels and a carbon offset programme.
  • Encourage your business travellers to use public transport in town.
  • When renting a car or taking a taxi, recommend electric or hybrid cars.
  • When it comes to car travel, company carpooling is a good way to not only bring employees together on business trips but also to reduce their carbon footprint. Why carpool in your company?

These ideas for sustainable best practice are highly recommended when setting up your travel policy. We recommend that you communicate these practices in real time through an automatic notification system with a business travel application like Ayruu.


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