Business travel checklist and things to remember

Business travel checklist

“Oh no… I forgot it!” To avoid this situation, consider making a business travel checklist for your business trip. What do you put in this travel checklist? 

The basic travel checklist

By taking only what you think you need, there is a high chance that oversight will occur. Indeed, this oversight would be the key to the trip and could jeopardize your goals. So a business travel checklist seems to be the best way to eliminate the risk of forgetting things that are crucial to your business trip. Here is a basic travel checklist of things not to forget when traveling for business:

  • Administrative documents
    • Passport
    • Identity card
  • Travel itinerary
    • Boarding ticket
    • Accommodation and transport reservations
  • Electronic devices
    • Laptop (laptop computer)
    • Smartphone (mobile phone)
    • Headphones or earphones
    • Chargers
    • Adapters
  • Other essential items
    • Pen
    • Notebook
    • Cash
    • Bank card
    • Bottle of water

Are you going on a business trip soon? Find the list of things to bring in your suitcase on a business trip. In any case, we strongly recommend that you use a dedicated business travel app, allowing you to keep all your documents and itineraries in one place.

How to create it ?

First of all, it is important to understand that a business travel checklist is more than just a list of things not to forget when traveling. Indeed, a complete list allows you to have a complete overview of what to bring and what to do on the spot as well. In other words, a good travel checklist ensures the success of the mission. Moreover, it also helps to avoid overloading yourself in case you take too many clothes for example.

Furthermore, in order to avoid being overloaded in terms of thinking and organization, do not hesitate to adopt digital documents. Not only are you sure to be able to retrieve them from all your devices, but it also reduces the use of paper, an essential step in reducing your overall carbon impact. Calculate the carbon footprint of your business travel.

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