Company carpooling: Why adopt it?

Company carpooling
company carpooling ayruu

Many companies are moving towards sustainable mobility, including company carpooling, to motivate their employees to get involved in the environment. Indeed, the principle is to share your car with other employees.

So what are the advantages of company carpooling and how can you set it up in your company?

What is carpooling?

Carpooling is sharing a car with other people. In this sense, the aim is to make the same journey or part of it. The driver is not paid, but the passengers share the cost of the journey. In general, petrol, tolls and parking are the most common costs shared with the driver. Moreover, unlike hitchhiking, carpooling is planned in advance of the journey.

In companies, carpooling is slightly different. In principle, it is a matter of employees travelling to their place of work together. Thus, these are fairly short journeys as company carpooling is mainly aimed at home-to-work journeys.

Why adopt carpooling in your company?

In the wake of the carpooling pandemic, carpooling is now seen as an alternative to public transport for getting to work. Implementing carpooling in your company allows your employees to reduce external contacts.

Moreover, since the publication of the LOM (law on the orientation of mobility), companies are invited to offer more ecological travel solutions for their employees, including carpooling.

What are the advantages of implementing carpooling in companies?


From 2015 to 2020 in France, 60% of home-to-work trips of less than 5 km will be made by car (LeMonde). But we all know that vehicles are usually occupied by one person. So, by simple deduction: carpooling reduces pollution but also makes traffic flow more smoothly.

Moreover, carpooling saves more than 1.6 million tons of CO2 per year and doubles the number of passengers (BlaBlaBlaCar).


Sharing the cost of carpooling allows employees to make savings, for example on fuel.

However, employees can also be reimbursed by their company for the cost of carpooling. In theory, if the company has a sustainable mobility package or an effective travel policy in place. On the company side, carpooling can reduce business travel costs and optimise parking space.

Improves road safety

Carpooling promotes road safety. Why is this? Because it encourages people behind the wheel to be more careful. Moreover, 70% of drivers say that carpooling makes them respect the highway code better (TNS Sofres study for BlaBlaCar). For example, 59% respect the speed limit better and 79% stay awake while driving. 

How to implement carpooling in companies?

In order to adopt carpooling, companies can set up a sustainable mobility package to provide dedicated parking spaces for carpoolers.

Companies also have services that allow employees to organise their carpooling journeys via web platforms or mobile applications. For example, the business travel application Ayruu allows employees of the same company to be in the same vehicle thanks to car-sharing


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