Open booking & business travel: the benefits

Open booking and business travel
Open booking & business travel

Open booking is reinventing business travel. Indeed, more and more business travellers want to be free to book their business trips. Thus, open booking is the best way for companies to improve the well-being of their employees on business trips. 

What are the advantages of using open booking to book a business trip? 

Definition: Open Booking

What is open booking? In the business travel sector, open booking gives employees freedom of choice when booking their business trip. This applies to the choice of hotel, car hire, airline and transport in general. This implies that the booking of the business trip is done outside the channels given by the company. Did you know that 71% of business travellers have already booked accommodation outside of their company’s imposed circuit?

Today, for companies, adopting “controlled” open booking is an efficient way to keep control of their reservations and therefore of their expenses. This is why Ayruu allows you to implement open booking in your company in less than 5 minutes. Opt for open booking when travelling on business.

The advantages of open booking in business travel

The preferred type of booking for travellers

If your employees favour booking sites such as, it’s simply because they are seen as easier to use. But what makes open booking the star of travel booking is its usability: it is close to their personal life experiences. 

Supervised open booking exists in business travel

The fear of companies with open booking is the loss of data. Not least because without control of bookings, travellers are less secure. The financial aspect is the second problem when a company lets its employees book outside the company’s channels. The classic pattern with open booking: exploding expense accounts, additional indirect expenses, non-contractual rates,… 

From now on, open booking is controlled. Innovative players in the business travel industry allow you to set up controlled open booking solutions. This is the case with the Ayruu business travel management platform: cost control, dashboard, flexible travel policy and all this while benefiting from the exhaustive choices of open booking without hidden costs. Get a free demo of managed open booking with Ayruu.

Should we say yes to open booking for corporate trips?

Without suspense, fighting open booking is impossible today. Finally, not adopting open booking is saying no to technological developments. Moreover, with open booking, you bring efficiency and productivity to your company. This is why Ayruu has developed the centralisation of business travel data in a management platform linked to a single application.


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